After meeting Susan and reaching out through a Facebook message, I felt working with Susan was a safe place for me to share my feelings and thoughts. I never felt any judgment from her. I found the experience excellent, and looked forward to each session.

I learned to look at many sides of different issues, take a deep breath, and work through the emotions I was feeling. Working with Susan helped me think about how I was dealing with each of my children and refocus on how I was reacting to them. I was calmer. I would tell parents of LGBTQ kids that coaching allowed me to have a positive relationship with my children.


Sue H. (parent of an LGBTQ child)

I enjoyed working with Susan very much.  She helped me uncover some issues as well as guide me through the process of understanding and acceptance.  My inner struggle relaxed a bit, and I feel more at ease with various circumstances.  Susan is very perceptive and patient, while focusing on positive outcomes from each session.


Parent of gay child

As a coach, Susan is very present, very empathic. She doesn’t have her own agenda. She asked great questions and helped me find my process and what’s important to me.

When working with her, I felt listened to and her voice and demeanor made me feel safe and comfortable. I felt heard and received. The work we did together made me feel very supported.


L.R., Claremont, CA

Susan is the ultimate coach. She is mentor, supportive, reflector. She is well-gifted in bringing out true passions and dreams and then practically and thoughtfully helping craft a plan to reach those important dreams and goals. Her personality, as well as tools and assessments she uses, work in tandem to make her an awesome coach. I recommend her highly.

Bonni Montevecchi, Montevecchi Training and Videography

A checklist for parents of a LGBTQ teen

A checklist for parents of a LGBTQ teen

10 things you can do when your son or daughter comes out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer.

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