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Susan Berland

Susan Berland

Hi! This is Susan Berland. I want to thank you for leaving me a testimonial about how our work together is supporting you, your family and your desire to build a bridge toward acceptance and understanding between you and your child.

I appreciate it. AND your kind words will help more families like yours find the support they need during a difficult time.

Here’s All You Have to Do to Leave a Testimonial

Use the instructions below on leaving a great testimonial.

I recommend you write out your testimonial in a Word document first. Then, you can check for spelling and get it just right. Email me your testimonial along with a digital photo and contact information if you’d like that included when I post it. Be sure to specify the website or blog that you would like mentioned with your testimonial.

** Step 1 **

How to Leave a Great Testimonial

It’s a simple two step process…

  1. Begin your testimonial by stating your name and where you’re from.
  2. Then hone in on a specific result you received from our work together. To help you get some ideas, here are some excellent questions you can answer in your testimonial:
    • How would you rate your experience with me? Good, great, excellent?
    • What’s the most important thing you learned or result you achieved?
    • How did our work together improve your family, your relationship with your child?
    • What convinced you to work with me in the first place?
    • How would you describe my service to another parent with the same issue?

Simply choose one or two of these questions to answer and that’s all there is to it.

Thanks again for your testimonial – I appreciate it very much.

** Step 2 **

Write Your Testimonial

Write out your testimonial and email it to me at


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