How are youHow are you? Really? How are you doing? I usually write about parenting LGBTQ kids but today I just want to know how you are and share how I’m doing.

It’s a scary time in our world right now. What are you doing to take care of yourself? How are you coping? How has your life changed in the last couple of weeks?

If you know me, you know I’m a very social person. I love being with people and I’m an extrovert in all the meanings of that word. I’ve been voluntarily sheltering in place for a little over a week. Can I say I’m bored? LOL I’m lucky and I know it. I am not home alone. I have a husband I actually like and enjoy spending time with. That really helps.

I’m no longer going to the gym, walking with my friends, playing Mah Jongg or Canasta, going to lunch, going to dinner, getting my hair cut or my nails done. I’ve cancelled just about every appointment in my calendar. I’m washing my hands more than I ever have in my life.

I didn’t think about it and did not cancel my housekeepers coming today. Once they were here I didn’t want to make them leave. They are among the people who must be hardest hit by what is going on. I know they need the money. But I was worried about them touching everything after being at someone else’s home. I walked around after they left and sanitized everything I could think of that they touched. I will likely not allow them to come again. And I hate housework!

I’ve been watching a lot of TV, playing computer games and finding ways to connect with people. Zoom has been a godsend. A couple of regular meetings I go to are now meeting on Zoom and it’s great to see everyone. For me, it’s better to see faces than just hear voices.

With my Meetup Walks cancelled, we are doing some virtual walks. We start tomorrow and will call into a conference line and each walk in our own neighborhoods and talk as we walk, just as we do when we walk together in person.

I’m doing a lot more cooking too. Thankfully the stores I usually shop in have senior hours and I will start to utilize them this week.

How are you doing emotionally? Are you scared, angry, frustrated, sad? I’ve been doing my best to avoid those feelings but that doesn’t work very well. I find it easier to get angry than to feel sad or scared and there is a lot to be angry about. But the truth is, I’m scared. I’m scared for my husband, my children, my grandchildren. I’m scared for myself. I’m scared for my country. And I’m sad. My son lives only ½ mile away and I can’t see him or hug him. My other son and grandchildren live about a 9 hour drive away.

My oldest grandson is supposed to graduate High School this year and we don’t know if there will be a graduation. That makes me feel very sad. This is supposed to be such a big year for him. I so wanted to celebrate him and celebrate with him. It is all our of my hands – that’s for sure.

So, I’m coping. That’s what I do. I’m keeping my routines going. I meditate every day. I write a gratitude list every day. I walk five days a week in place of the three days of walking and two days at the gym. I get up at the same time as I always did and get dressed. It’s important for me to maintain as much normalcy as I can.

So, how are you? Really, how are you?

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