Moms of LGBTQ kids are the bestIndeed, moms of LGBTQ kids are the best. For some, their child coming out was no big deal. For others, it was about reconstructing all they’d learned about what it meant to be LGBTQ. For all of us, we love our kids beyond measure.

For some of us, it meant rearranging our vision of what our future and our child’s future would look like. For others, it was no big deal. “I just want you to be happy.”

For most of us, having an LGBTQ child changed the trajectory of our lives. For me, I became an advocate for marriage equality and worked hard on the No on 8 campaign in California in 2008. I became involved in PFLAG and marched in gay pride parades. I ultimately became the president of my local PFLAG chapter and today, now that I’m living in the south, I’m a member of my PFLAG chapter’s Faith in Action Committee.

Moms advocate for their kids by being involved in their schools and in their local LGBTQ centers. Moms also advocate for other LGBTQ kids. We start GSA chapters in their schools. We educate their extended families and their friends.

We tell their stories publicly to help other parents and kids. Some even take LGBTQ kids who have been rejected by their parents into their homes and hearts.

We walk proudly with their kids in gay pride parades. We fight hateful legislation. The help educate churches who want to become fully affirming.

We wear pride apparel proudly. We wear buttons and tee shirts that say, “Free Mom Hugs” and gladly give long, heartfelt hugs when asked.

We volunteer for organizations that support the LGBTQ community such as GLSEN, the Trevor Project and local organizations.

Yes, moms of LGBTQ kids are the best.

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