number one tipI recently asked this question on my public Facebook pages: “What’s your number one tip to the parent of an LGBTQ child who just came out?” The answers were not surprising and heartening to read. There are so many amazing parents out there and they inspire me. Here are just a few of the responses:

“Listen! Learn together! (“This Book is Gay” is a good resource for example). Advocate together! (Find community and school groups for supporting the kidlet). Make it fun! (Throw a “Coming Out” party with rainbows and unicorns, or whatever the kidlet is into – Minecraft, Mario – and invite the whole family and all of the friends! Getting to know your true self is an important part of growing up! Worth celebrating!)”

“Listen, don’t judge.”

“Support and love them”

“Listen and love unconditionally. Allow yourself to feel any feeling you feel but if there is any negativity to your feelings, keep them to yourself. They will pass and your kid doesn’t need to see it. A kick ass parent raised a kid brave enough to come out. Focus on that. You are both rock stars. ❤”

” Put your child first, always”

“Listen more than you talk. Listen to learn. But also be respectful of the pace with which they want to talk and reveal.”

“Ask how you can be most supportive. Remember that while you have your feelings about this, it is their truth first so keep perspective and maintain the focus on them, their needs.”

“Listen and love. They showed a lot of trust to come out to you, and for many that is quite frightening. They need reassurances that you are accepting.”

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