How can you be a good allyYou have an LGBTQ child or family member or friend. How can you be a good ally? Being an ally is important to those you love who are LGBTQ.

First, educate yourself. Learn as much as you can about sexual orientation and gender identity? Do you know the difference? Do you know the many different sexual orientations and what each one means? Are you familiar with the range of identities on the gender spectrum? Be sure you know what you’re talking about so you can help educate others. That’s a big part of being an ally.

Remember that LGBTQ people are people. Treat them as you would anyone in your life. Be kind, respectful, loving.

Stand up for LGBTQ rights in any situation. If you’re at work and someone makes a homophobic or transphobic joke, let them know it’s not funny. Educate them why. I’m not suggesting you get into an argument with someone who is unwilling to listen. Be respectful but still let them you don’t like that kid of humor and don’t find it humorous.

Use the correct pronouns and name when you know someone is transgender. If you don’t know someone’s pronouns, ask. “What pronouns do you use? I use she/her/hers.”

You can always tell your story of how you became an ally but don’t share anyone else’s story. It is not yours to share.

What are the ways you are a good ally?

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