Insistent, consistent and persistentWhat is it about transgender children that is so hard to understand? When a child, yes even a very young child, insists they are not the gender they were assigned at birth and they are persistent and consistent, they know what they are talking about. Their parents are not talking them into anything.

Yes, those are the signs the medical professionals look at in determining if a child is transgender. They are insistent, consistent and persistent about the gender they identify as. Some parents see the signs as early as two when a child finally has the language to express their gender. A child we think is a boy will ask their parents when their penis will fall off so they can be a real girl. A child we think is a girl will ask when their penis will grow. Some are just simply insistent, “I’m not a boy, I’m a girl!” or vice versa.

I’ve met too many parents who share about the change in their child when they socially transition. Prior to transition, they were angry, acting out, depressed. After transition, they are happy, carefree, the child they were meant to be. You can see it in before and after pictures.

There is a case in Texas making national news. It’s about a custody battle between divorced parents of a transgender child. The mom supports the child’s transition and the father does not. It went to trial and the jury (yes, a jury trial for custody) found for the mother and decided to award her full custody and responsibility for medical decisions. The father was abusive (my word) to this child in not recognizing their identified gender and refusing to use the correct name and pronouns.

The judged did not abide by the jury decision and I can’t for the life of me understand that. There is so much evidence that supports allowing a child to transition. And plenty of evidence of the harm caused when parents refuse to recognize their gender as real.

And now Ted Cruz is calling for charges of child abuse for any parent who allows their child to transition before the age of 18. Does he not get that many of those children won’t make it to the age of 18 if they are not allowed to transition or does he just not care? The suicide rate among transgender youth is alarming.

We hear it said that a child is too young to know. Really? Do we question the child who identifies as the gender they were assigned at birth? Are they too young to know they are male or female? When did you know? When I was asked that question, I thought, I always knew. I always knew I was a girl. I never questioned it. A transgender child always has known they are the gender they identify as. Just as we who are not transgender do.

It’s time for this to stop. Those who are trying to prevent children from transitioning say they are doing it because they care about the child. That’s just not true. They care about themselves and pushing their own agenda. If they truly cared about the health and well-being of the child, they would support the transition 100%.

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