Best collegesToday I posted an article about the 11 best colleges for queer women. I love that there are resources for our high school students who are LGBTQ.

My grandson is a high school senior this year and busy trying to figure out where to go to school. He gets to choose based on the schools he likes, where they are located, what programs they offer and whether they have top sport teams (yes, that’s important to him!). He is lucky. He is cisgender and straight. He doesn’t have to think about a college that is safe for someone like him.

Many LGBTQ high school seniors are thinking about all the same factors and they are also thinking about schools that will be affirming and that will be safe for them. I’m grateful there are resources to help them find schools that are safe for LGBTQ students.

Best Colleges also has a list of the best colleges for LGBTQ students. There is a list of 25 schools and all but a few are on the east or west coast.

College Choice has a list of 50 schools for LGBTQ students.

Campus Pride is the go-to website for finding all the information an LGBTQ student needs in choosing the right college for them. Many of the lists mentioned above get their information from College Pride.

I’m so glad these resources are available today. That has not always been the case. It’s easier than ever for a student to find a good fit in a college that has all the features they want and is LGBTQ friendly too.

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