I remember watching Adam Lambert on American Idol. I strongly suspected he was gay but he didn’t come out until after the show ended. It seemed there was son policy that contestants couldn’t come out while on the show.

That has changed. Progress has been made. This year there are several contestants who are gay. One is Jeremiah. He is a pastor’s son and has the voice of an angel. You can watch one of his performances here: https://youtu.be/ORlcIDv9s_M

Jeremiah shared that he came out at 16 and it seems that since he went public on the show as a gay man, his family has rejected him. I don’t know the details and it wasn’t exactly clear to me what happened from what he said. But it is clear that his family is not there to support him. He’s made it clear that he will not, nor does he want to, return to working in the church where his father is the pastor.

Progress ProgressProgress can be seen in this post from Facebook. He shares a photo of him in the blanket hand made for him by the mom of an LGBTQ kid. He also mentions a letter of support, signed by over 1,600 moms of LGBTQ kids. I’m proud to be one of those moms.

Not too many years ago, a mom struggling with her religious beliefs and having a gay child had no where to go, no one to turn to. Today there are online support groups where moms can get the support and encouragement then need. The group that sent the blanket is one such group. It is for Christian moms of LGBTQ kids, though all moms of LGBTQ kids are welcome.

I have a group as well. It’s for moms and dads and has no religious focus. The groups I speak of are on Facebook and are secret so there is safety for the parents. No one but other members of the group can see who is a member or what is posted there. New members are screened first before becoming members.

I hope one day Jeremiah’s mom finds her way to one of these groups and discovers that God loves all his children, just the way are. I hope she has enough love in her heart to open it to that.

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