Happy New YearIt’s 2019 already. Where has the time gone? Happy New Year!

This has been a remarkable year for me, one of dreams come true. I don’t have a lot of big dreams and the ones that materialized I never thought would. That’s a great lesson for me. I remember in the months before we bought our first house, I believed I’d never be able to afford to own a house. Once I opened my mind to it, even just a little, it happened. It wasn’t magic but I had to believe in it for it to materialize.

This past year I moved into the house of my dreams. I never thought that would happen either but it did. I didn’t know how I was ever going to live close to my children. Neither of them lived in placed I wanted to live. Then my son moved to Charlotte and I visited. I could live here, I thought! It took almost three years but I now live only ½ mile away from one son and only a 9 hour drive from the other. The happiness I feel living so close to them is indescribable.

Now I get to think about the coming year and my wishes for this year. Some are already in the making. The whole family will take a cruise together in June. Another one of my dreams I could imagine but wasn’t sure would ever happen. We are selling our house in California which will give us some disposable income we haven’t had before. We will look at making the dream house even dreamier!

Most of my wishes aren’t for things or even experiences, although I have a lot of those on my bucket list! My wishes for the new year is progress – progress for the LGBTQ community, especially for the young people. I wish for them to be in homes that will love and celebrate them for who they are. I wish for their parents, even if they don’t understand and can’t quite accept, to hold on to the love they have for their child and look for support that will affirm their child and help them to understand. I wish for all conversion therapy to be banned. I wish for the suicide rate and homeless rate of LGBTQ kids to plummet.

I wish for every bride and every groom to have their family around them as they marry the love of their life and if not their biological family, then the love of a chosen family.

I wish for every holiday season, birthday and celebration to be a happy one, celebrated with people who love and accept you just as you are. I wish for those blinded by dogma to open their eyes and see that love is really the message and the answer. Not love that wants to change you but love that accepts you and embraces you.

My wish is for progress in cleaning up this world. There is so much pollution, some is pollution of the environment and some is pollution of the heart and soul.

I wish for every LGBTQ citizen of the world to find a safe place to be who they are, to love who they love and to live in peace. A tall order I know. But at least a little progress would be nice!

What are your wishes for the new year?

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