we will not be erasedThat has become a rallying cry for the Transgender community since the Trump administration decided to consider narrowly defining gender as a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth.

Just Google “we will not be erased” and it’s amazing the rallies across the country.

The transgender community has been under attack since 2017. Protections for students have been rolled back. There was an attempt to ban transgender persons from serving in the military and discharging those already serving.

I don’t understand it. Nothing about someone being transgender impacts me or my life. It doesn’t change anything for me. It does, however, change a lot for those who are transgender when they are under attack.

We have an LGBTQ community. I remember when it was just LGB. Back in those days, the gay men and the lesbian women rarely mixed for purposes of civil rights. Bisexual people were barely recognized. Then came the AIDS crisis. Without gay women, many men dying of AIDS would have died alone. Gay women were in the forefront in fighting for AIDS drugs and serving those who were infected. It brought the community together in way not seen before.

Now we have a similar crisis. It is not a disease that kills the body of the transgender community, but it kills the spirit in too many. I hope the gay men, lesbian women, and bisexual people will stand up and march with and fight for their transgender brothers and sisters. This is going to take an army and we are it.

I always felt as an ally and mother of a gay son, my voice was very important in the fight for gay rights. Now, as an ally and advocate for transgender rights, I feel the same way. Those of us who are allies must join the fight. We will not be erased either. We will stand with our transgender brothers and sister, sons and daughters and fight until they are fully protected. It’s not going to be a skirmish. It’s going to take time but we will not be discouraged. We will fight until we no longer have to.

Will you join us?

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