Conference on Queer YouthI attended the Carolina Conference on Queer Youth a little over a week ago. I want to share some of what I learned.


I thought I understood what pansexuality was and the difference between it and bisexuality but I got a lot clearer at this workshop. This one statement from the presenter really helped. “Pansexuality is an orientation that is not binary.”

Pansexual people are attracted to personalities first, not bodies.

Bisexuals are attracted to men and/or women. Pansexuals are attracted to people anywhere on the gender spectrum – people who identify as male, female, non-binary, gender queer.


This was a new term for me. It was explained as a need to feel an emotional connection with another person before they feel sexual attraction.

Biological sex

Biological sex has many more components than genitals and more than sex assigned at birth. Biological sex includes hormones, genes, and gender identity.

Kids become aware of their gender identity between ages two and four according to the American Psychiatric Association.


I attended a workshop on bullying where the presenter stated that schools are not responsible for the bullying behavior but are responsible for how they respond to it.

Directed to kids who are bullied, she suggests that students document everything including:

  • Each incident with the details
  • How it made them feel
  • How it affects their school work

I would love to here your thoughts, experiences and ideas. Please leave a comment below.

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