Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.
Charles Spurgeon

anxietyThis is a quote I can meditate on for a long time and find layers of meaning. For parents of LGBTQ kids, especially those who only recently found out their child is LGBTQ, anxiety can be a daily thing. And it seems to be something we have no control over. It takes us over.

When my son first came out, I had a lot of anxiety. I had a lot of fear and in some ways, I think fear leads to the anxiety I felt. I feared for his health. Would he get AIDS? I feared for his safety. Would he be a victim of a hate crime? Every time I read a news story about violence against someone in the LGBTQ community, the anxiety all came back.

He was an adult and lived 450 miles away from me. It was no longer my job to protect him and frankly, he was much bigger than I and way better able to protect himself than I would ever be. But that didn’t stop my worrying and my anxiety.

For parents of younger LGBTQ kids, there is that feeling that we are supposed to protect them from all harm, physical and emotional. And yet, we can’t be with them 24 hours a day. When they are away from us, we worry about them in the present and we worry about their future. Will they find love? Will they have a fulfilling life? Will they experience discrimination? Will they lose family and friends because they are gay, bisexual or transgender? Will we lose our church or school community? The list goes on and on.

And yet we can’t keep living this way. We have a find a way to find peace around all those things we worry about, have anxiety about. This quote says that anxiety empties today of its strength. When we are deep in the throes of anxiety, we don’t have the strength we need to get through.

What can we do? It’s not like we can wish it away or simply decide “I’m not going to feel anxious anymore.” Denying the anxiety doesn’t make it go away. Facing it head on and developing techniques to reduce it can help a great deal.

In my free 5-day challenge, “From Anxiety to Peace,” I help you do just that. We will take a good, hard look at our anxiety and develop techniques to quiet it and eventually eliminate it. Interested? Find out more right HERE!

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