I’ve been reading stories on Facebook about kids who do not have family support. One was a young person who came out to their mother and was promptly taken to the pastor and then to a Christian counselor and then attempted suicide. The other was about an extended family member who refuses to use the child’s new name and pronouns. Those are just the stories I read today. There are countless others.

What these kids need is support and unconditional love. They need to be seen for who they are. They need to be respected and understood. I shake my head and wonder about these family members. Would they rather have a dead child than one who is LGBTQ?

It saddens me deeply and makes me wonder how much I can really do. I have a group on Facebook that provides support to parents and just started one for extended family and allies. There are amazing people in these groups and I’m grateful for their strength and wisdom. I do provide support but mostly they support one another in amazing ways.

Unfortunately, there are just people who will not be reached. They are closed minded and already know what they think is the truth. If they would just open their eyes and their hearts just a little to see the child in front of them. If they would just remember why they love that child and see that nothing has changed except the information they have about them. If they would just put love first.

How can anyone get that message across to someone who is stubborn and dug in? I don’t know that anyone can until they loosen their grip on what they know just a little.


Mama Bear

One person can make a small difference. A lot of people making a small difference can make a big difference. There are moms out in the world who are fiercely advocating not just for their own LGBTQ children but for all LGBTQ children. Together we make up an army. You can’t stop an army of fierce moms. We’ll just go around you, over you, through you to protect our children and yours.

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