stupidAre people stupid or innocently uninformed? I recently saw a video of some of the really dumb things people say to gay people. It was a reenactment but I’m sure the words and actions were accurate.

For example, on finding out the two men she was talking to were not brothers, but partners, she asked if they could be her gay best friends? Then asked if she could come to their wedding and whether they would escort her to gay pride. I’m guessing her reactions were those of more than one person. But, really?

And some of the questions! Who wears the pants? Love the response though – we both do! And who’s the girly one and who’s the manly one?

So really, are these people totally stupid, mean or totally ignorant and uninformed?

I have not been on the receiving end of these interchanges because I’m not gay so I can’t say how it feels to have someone say those things or what impression someone hearing that would have.

My impression is that some people are innocent but many are just stupid and I don’t use that word lightly. I don’t like the word stupid but sometimes nothing else seems to fit!

Then there are the mean ones. They exist way too often. “Your child is gay because you are.” Or “Your child is gay because you exposed them to too many of your gay friends.” Or “It’s just a phase or they’re just confused.” I get that people believe this. These are the people most parents and those in the LGBTQ community stay away from.

What do you think? Are they stupid, mean or innocently ignorant?

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