Happy PrideI have a Facebook group for parents of LGBTQ kids. This was posted in the group this week and I just had to share it. Not all parents feel this way when they find out their child is LGBTQ. For those of you who do not have supportive parents, know that there are those of us who love and support you unconditionally as this mom and dad does.


(Dedicated to every human who wishes to love better!:)

Jason you were three when The Spirit opened my eyes to show me you were gay. (As you danced and sang to me:) I was stunned. Frozen in fear. Convincing myself that I was probably wrong. I held it in my heart telling no one.

You were seventeen when you shared you sacred truth with me. You were indeed gay. (It was the day Prop 8 was overturned) I was stunned. Frozen in fear. Convincing myself that there was probably a solution. At your request, I held it in my heart telling no one.

These last eight years I’ve humbly learned that the solution is not for gay children but for the parents of gay children. It’s for all people who really care. The solution is to Love without Fear. The embodiment of love has taught us that “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.”

What does REAL LOVE look like???
1) Opening our mind and heart to receive new light and knowledge. Without Fear
2) Listen and listen then listen some more to real life stories. For the sole purposes of gaining understanding, compassion, empathy and guidance. Without Fear
3) Look for all of the beauty and divine purposes in these differences. Without Fear 
4) Seek to assist in enhancing the quality of life for LGBT+ children, youth and adults. Without Fear 
5) Trust our own divine intuition, it’s always waiting to be received! Without Fear 
6) Prayerfully study the six passages of biblical scripture commonly used against gay people; within their cultural, historical, and written contexts. Without Fear

Thank you Jason! Thank you! Thank you! For bringing me into this wonderful world of divine difference! To you and my transgender friends and my intersex friends, to everyone who was born with orientation or gender differences ….. I See You! I Hear You! I Respect You! I Appreciate Your Beauty! I’m So Proud of You!!!

Love Always, Your Mama (& Papa) Dragon

by Kathleen Huber

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