truthI’m generally a pretty happy, optimistic person. I like that about myself! I also shy away from negativity. I prefer to feel hopeful. After all, Hope is my middle name.

As the inauguration of a new president approaches, I must tell my truth. I’m scared. I won’t let myself get lost in despair but I am scared. There is so much at risk and so many people who can be hurt by the policies espoused by the incoming president and a congress who feels they have free reign.

I’m scared for the many LGBTQ people I know and love and the ones I don’t yet know. I’m afraid of rights already granted being stripped away. I’m afraid of new restrictions being implemented. I’m afraid of the implications for the transgender community in particular. It’s only January 10th and there have already been 2 murders of trans women. Texas is trying to implement a bill similar to HB2 in North Carolina. If the ACA is gutted, many trans people will be out in the cold in terms of obtaining their medications and necessary surgeries. Many people, LGBTQ or not, will lose coverage they need to pay for expensive medications for life threatening illnesses.

Then there’s the Supreme Court. There is a case before them this term of a young transgender boy who just wants to use the boys bathroom. The right will feel emboldened to bring cases they hope will overturn Roe v. Wade and marriage equality.

I feel relatively certain that funding for Planned Parenthood will be stripped away. Many women rely on them for basic medical care such as routine pap smears and mammograms. They depend on them for contraception so they never have to face the decision to have an abortion or not.

4 years is a long time. Even 2 years is a long time. A lot of damage can be done in that time. I haven’t even touched on the environment. That is a whole other issue that frightens me.

Being afraid is not the answer. Yes, it’s the truth. What I plan to do is stay vigilant. Much as I hate reading the news, I need to know what’s going on. And I need to find real ways to fight back. I need to research things I see on social media. Will a type of protest listed on Facebook have any impact? Find ones that do. Sometimes I feel like I don’t need to contact my representatives in congress because they all feel as I do. But they will hear from people who don’t. I can add my voice. I can make donations to organizations that I know will be fighting for the rights I hold dear. I can volunteer.

What are your thoughts? What do you plan to do?

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