What does a Jewish mother do, waiting for Prop 8 to be overturned? I can only speak for this Jewish mother. 🙂

When I was a child and I had trouble sleeping at night because I’d seen a scary movie or something was upsetting me and I couldn’t stop thinking about it, I’d image my wedding. I can still remember seeing myself and this faceless man standing under the Chupah saying our vows. It was all very traditional – this was the early 60’s, after all!

Just one happy couple!

My son and son-in-law

I can’t say I’m planning my son’s wedding but I am sure am thinking about it a lot while I’m waiting for the Supreme Court’s decision on Prop 8. How soon can it happen? How can we arrange to be there? What will it be like? How will I feel? How can I take pictures and not be overly intrusive? What will I get them as a gift? Will there be a big party/celebration down the road?

When my younger son got married, 13 years ago, I never dreamed this day would come. Now, the possibility is right around the corner. If the Supreme Court doesn’t have the courage to do what is right, I know it will be overturned by the voters. It’s just a matter of time. For now, I’ll keep waiting.

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