I’ve argued with myself a lot about whether or not I should write about this. Will my sons see it? Will they be pissed off at me for writing about it? Should I just let it go to keep the peace?

Marriage for all

I’m a mom. My kids are adults. They are both in long term relationships. One is married, one is not. The one who is not is gay and cannot be married because it is not recognized in the state in which he lives. Luckily, he and his long-time partner have the benefits of domestic partnership where they live which grant them all the same state rights. It’s not the same; sorry. Not the same name and not recognized when they leave the state.

My other son is a Republican. I don’t have an issue with that nor does his brother. The issue between them now is the stand the Republican Party and their candidate for President has taken on gay marriage. I’ve been watching their discussions on Facebook and mostly it saddens me. I’m not angry, just sad. My son-in-law and my son can’t understand how anyone who loves them can vote for someone who wants to take away their civil rights. My other son supports their right to marriage equality but doesn’t look at just one issue and his desire is to change things within his party.

I see both their points of view and understand them both. And I love them both. I hope that their love for one another is stronger than any difference of opinion or political stand anyone might take.

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