I hope one day my moms can get married

I don’t talk politics except when it comes to marriage and family. This little guy is right about the same age as my grandchildren. What he knows is that he has two parents who love him and take care of him. They take him to school, to the park, to his activities and take care of him when he’s sick. He doesn’t care that they happen to be two women. He is not loved less because of that. And his family is no less a family because of it.

What hurts me and makes me so angry is that people are going to the polls and voting to take away other people’s rights, not just in Minnesota, not just this year. They won’t destroy this family. Their love will survive; but something is very wrong with that. It is too reminiscent of another time, another day when people voted to take away people’s rights to marry because they were of different races and those people quoted the bible too to justify their stand. Some of those same people who needed the Supreme Court to get the right to marry the person they love are now the ones so eager to vote away the rights of gays and lesbians to marry.

In the Jewish culture, after the Holocaust, an expression evolved: “Never again!” To me, it means I cannot sit silent while there is genocide. What happened to my people cannot be allowed to happen to anyone, ever again. I think it applies here too. When a people have been oppressed, how can they sit by and watch others be oppressed, much less become the oppressor?

It truly baffles me. What are your thoughts?

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