Married July 5, 2012

I recently posted this to my Facebook timeline: What’s a gay wedding? It’s a wedding where everyone is gay (having or showing a merry, lively mood) and everyone is happy for the couple celebrating their love and commitment. Does it really matter their gender? The thought was provoked by the marriage of Robb and David, friends of my son Rick and his partner, Jeff.

At the march with Kristin Chenoweth

I first met Robb and David when they graciously invited me to stay with them when I went to Washington, D.C. for the equality march. At that time, they were together 17 years and still could not legally wed. On July 5th, they legally became married. Their relationship didn’t changed, it is now acknowledged and protected under the laws of the district where they live. Since marriage became legal in a variety of states and Washington D.C., the world has not come to an end. “Traditional” marriage has not deteriorated, any more than it already was. What’s changed? Two people who love each other and want to make that commitment and have the legal protections they deserve and have a right to, can now do that.

However, those rights cease as soon as they step foot outside the state in which they were married. Marriage equality will not be a reality until DOMA is overturned and discrimination currently written into the constitution of 31 states is determined unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

The happy couple!

What does this have to do with photos and families and legacy? Everything! All of us who have wedding pictures know often times they never get into an album and are never seen. But for gay and lesbian couples, it is imperative that their photos be seen by their families, their friends, their co-workers. People need to see over and over again the love and commitment in the eyes and faces of these couples before they realize that gender really doesn’t matter.

Look at David and Robb’s photos. Is their love any less significant? Is it any different than the love you have for your spouse?

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