Yesterday I wrote about the decision of the Boy Scouts of America reaffirming their decision to not allow gay boys to be members or to have gay or lesbian leaders. I wrote about the impact that would have on boys who have two dads or two moms and what message that sent to them.

Today I’m thinking about the young gay boys who are being told they can’t be scouts and even more so, the boys who are not gay – the ones who are being told that being gay is not okay. What message are they being given? Are they being told that it’s okay to bully boys they perceive to be gay? Are they hearing that gay is bad?

Is he or isn’t he?

There is still such a problem with bullying in schools, it saddens and angers me that the Boy Scouts is reinforcing the message that gay is not as good as straight. How many more young men have to commit suicide before we wake up and realize what we are losing? All our children are precious, all of them. It doesn’t matter their gender, their sexual identity or orientation. And they all deserve our unconditional love, acceptance and support. And it’s time this type of discrimination comes to an end.

What do you do when you see something that is wrong and unfair?

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