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Do you sometimes dislike your kid?

You’ve always loved your child but lately you find yourself not liking them very much. Maybe he or she is making decisions you don’t agree with. Maybe their behavior is making you tear your hair out. And the worst part is that you feel guilty for feeling this way. You might have all kinds of swirling thoughts and emotions about this, and if so, I would love to help you with a free “Like the Child You Love” coaching breakthrough session.

During this session we’ll create a vision for how you’d like your life, your relationship and your family life to be, uncover some hidden challenges that may be causing you some anxiety, and leave the session renewed, reenergized and inspired to make your family happy, healthy, loving and fun again.

To claim your FREE 60 minute “Like the Child You Love” breakthrough coaching session, simply complete the form below and schedule your session on my online calendar.