love letterOn this Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t think of anyone better to write a love letter to than you, the moms and dads of LGBTQ kids. Every day, I’m inspired by your stories, your commitment, your love. You stand up for your kids. Of course you do – you’ve loved them since before they were born and their being LGBTQ never changed that fundamental love. But you go far beyond that. You stand up for and advocate for all LGBTQ kids and you are making a difference in ways I suspect you’ll never know.

You are the ones starting GSAs so kids will have a safe place to go, a place to meet other LGBTQ kids. You testify in your communities and your states, standing up before hateful legislation that impacts all our kids. You lobby in your local and state houses. You march in parades with signs showing the world that our kids are okay just the way they are. You give hugs, love and comfort to other parents who are just starting on this journey and may be confused and scared. You give hugs, love and comfort to the many LGBTQ kids who have been rejected in one way or another by their own families. You become surrogate parents for many of those.

You are changing the culture in churches across the country by your willingness to speak out for all our LGBTQ kids. You have spoken with many pastors and through your love and patience, they are beginning to see that our kids are perfectly made.

There is so much you do, I couldn’t begin to list it all. Today, I give you my love and gratitude for all you do. You are making this world better and safer for all kids, whether LGBTQ or not. Thank you!