therapyI read this story about a 17 year old boy whose grandparents are seeking full custody and the ability to make medical decisions for him. They support him and want him to start on hormonal therapy.

The boy’s parents say he is not  transgender and want Christian-based therapy to “get to the underlying causes” of why he thinks he is. Christian-based therapy sounds a lot like reparative therapy to me. The parents say he is unstable and I wonder if they think that because he is transgender.

This is in the hands of a judge who will make a ruling next month. I pray she makes the right decision. We all know what Christian-based therapy has done to too many young people. As a transgender boy, he is already at great risk for suicide attempts, bullying, drug and/or alcohol abuse. Adding in reparative therapy or any kind of therapy that will try to change who he is in his heart and mind will likely cause so much damage.

I understand why parents are afraid, confused, angry, and a myriad of other feelings when they have a transgender child. But they are still parents and love must always come first. From there, so much is possible. If these parents would just educate themselves, they will see who their child is and what he needs.

I hope the grandparents win their case. Their grandson’s life might just depend on it.