AdoptionThere’s been a lot of uproar about “gay adoption” lately. Gay couples, they say, are not fit to be parents. Children should be raised by a mother and father. It is what’s best for a child.

Studies show that children raised by same-sex parents do just as well as kids raised by opposite sex parents, and sometime even better. Many gay and lesbian couples adopt children out of the foster care system. They take the kids no one else wants. They provide them with structure, love and a family. Does anyone think those kids care that they have two dads or two moms rather than one of each? What they care about is that they are loved, safe and secure.

Adoption is about giving a child a home, parents, love, guidance, structure. It never ceases to amaze me that there are people who believe a child is better off in foster care than in a loving home. Are they afraid that those kids will turn out to be gay themselves if raised by gay parents? Really? How many gay men and lesbian women were raised by gay parents. I’d guess a very low percentage. Most of them were raised by straight parents and they are gay. The sexual orientation of one’s parents is not an indicator of the sexual orientation of a child. I have one gay child, one straight. Both were raised in the same home, by straight parents. Most of the parents of LGBTQ kids I know are straight.

So, what’s the fear of allowing same-sex couples to adopt? I don’t know if it’s fear or straight out prejudice. It’s time to put the kids first and let them live in a home where they will be cherished and appreciated. That’s what adoption is about. Let them have parents. That is what they want.