He wants to make homosexuality illegalI try not to be too political except as it pertains to LGBTQ rights. The election in Alabama to complete Jeff Sessions’ term as Senator has me scared and angry. Judge Roy Moore has no respect for the constitution and the law of this land. He has an agenda based solely on his Evangelical interpretation of the Bible. What he’s been accused of and what he says are undeniably evil and not in line with any truly loving Christian I know.

I don’t claim to be an expert on the Bible. I know others who are so I don’t have to be. When I hear someone like Moore and his surrogates spout off about how he wants to make homosexuality illegal, it makes my blood boil. When I hear him talk about how the last time America was great was during the days of slavery, I’m dumb founded. When he wants to eliminate all the amendments to the constitution after the first 10, I wonder what planet he lives on.

Is it possible that many people agree with him on these outdated and outrageous claims? Those who claim to be pro-life seem to be more interested in an unborn fetus than a breathing, living human being. Is it because of their sexual orientation, the color of their skin or what? What makes that baby more important than the lives of the women who have accused him of sexual misconduct when they were young teens and he was a 32 year old man? I understand those who are against abortion in many ways but when it comes to putting that above everything else, they’ve lost me.

The polls in Alabama are still open as I write this so I don’t know the results of this election. I pray the people of Alabama will put acting on what is right ahead of party. If he does win, it will be interesting to see what the members of the Senate choose to do in relation to the misconduct charges against him. That will say a lot.