Last week I wrote about family and how important it is to have family, especially when there is a big celebration. This week it’s family, part 2!

FamilyThis past weekend, my husband and I were in Florida to celebrate our grandson’s Bar Mitzvah. It was a wonderful weekend, full of celebration, family and friends. Jacob did a wonderful job leading the service and reciting from the Torah. We were all so proud of him.

Every event, from dinner Thursday evening, to the Bar Mitzvah itself, the Kiddush luncheon, the party Sunday to dinner Sunday night was all about family. I was so grateful to be with my sons and grandsons and my daughter-in-law. I was grateful that my sister was there, my sister-in-law, brother-in-law as well as my niece and her family. Together, we filled a table placed for 10 perfectly!

Part of the weekend reminded me of how much I’ve missed by living so far away from my grandsons. I’ve not been there for many birthdays, Passovers, Thanksgiving and Chanukah celebrations. It felt to me like my grandsons were closer to their local grandparents than to us. That isn’t unusual as they have been with those grandparents for every holiday and birthday.

A large motivation for my move is to be closer to my sons and grandsons. I still won’t be there for all the celebrations but will be there for many more than I am now. I hope it’s not too late to create a closer bond with them. I love them both so much.

Part of the joy of this celebration was seeing my sons laughing together and enjoying each other, seeing all the kids having so much fun and seeing the wonderful community of friends my son has created. There was so much love there, it was palpable. That makes me very happy.

Having a gay son has nothing to do with anything about this post. That’s part of what’s so wonderful. It isn’t an issue, it isn’t anything. Whether one is LGBTQ or not has nothing to do with love. Love is love. When it is visible between two people, whether spouses, partners, friends, or family, it is a beautiful thing to see and experience.

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