We are the lucky onesAs this blog posts, my husband and I are on a plane, going to Florida for our younger grandson’s Bar Mitzvah. Thinking about being there to celebrate this joyous occasion with family and friends, it makes me think of the many families with LGBTQ kids who don’t have the support of their family and often their friends as well. We are the lucky ones.

When my son came out, he was fully embraced by our family. When his younger brother had children, he gladly took on the role of Uncle Rick. There was never an issue with Rick being there for his nephews and no one ever questioned his being around them. We know better than to think he will cause them to be gay or harm them in any way.

When our first grandson has his Bar Mitzvah two and a half years ago, of course he wanted Uncle Rick to be there. When my younger grandson was about eight and I was explaining to him why I was boycotting Chick-fil-A he said to me, “That’s weird,” about two men or two women getting married. Then I reminded him about his Uncle Rick and he totally got it.

It’s not perfect in my family but that’s for another time. This weekend we will be celebrating this milestone event and cherish the time we spend with family. With the holidays approaching, many of the moms I know with LGBTQ kids will not be invited to their extended family’s holiday gatherings or choose not to go so as not to expose their kids to a toxic environment. I hope these moms are creating families of choice who love and cherish them and all their children. Indeed, we are the lucky ones.