HalloweenIt’s been many years since my kids were young enough to go trick or treating and I don’t think they dress up in costumes at their advance age. LOL As I look at the pictures so many post to social media of their kids and watch the kids in my neighborhood, I think about which of those young ones are LGBTQ.

I wonder if Halloween is the only time they get to dress as their true self or really express who they are inside. It’s safe on Halloween to appear to be someone you’re not perceived to be, even if that is who you really are. For some though, that is the only time they appear as their authentic selves. It may be at a party at school or going out trick or treating.

For the parents in my Facebook support group for parents of LGBTQ kids, Halloween may be just another day of dress up. Some of their kids like to dress up any day. Even for some of them, they get to dress in a way that makes them feel real when they may not do that other days of the year. For those who may not have come out as transgender, Halloween allows them to “try on” a gender that is more real to them or maybe even try not being any gender at all.

No, this wasn’t the origin of Halloween but in years past, it may have been the only outlet for little kids who were transgender but didn’t have a word for it or even know it existed. Many of them thought they were the only ones who felt “different.” Today, with so many kids coming out and so many having loving, supportive parents, they know they aren’t different from the entire world. They may be different in some ways from their classmates, but aren’t we all different in one way or another. They don’t wonder what’s wrong with them. They know who they are and their parents do to. They get to dress up for Halloween any way they want. And the other days of the year, they get to be who they were born to be.

I love looking at all their pictures and their smiling, happy faces. It makes my heart smile.