ChangesChanges are hard for me. I don’t like change and yet I am willingly moving across the country. I love where I live, It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has ocean, a bay, a mountain and trees.  And yet, I am leaving.

There have been other changes that have been difficult for me. When my son came out, that was a change – it was a change in my vision about who he was and what his life would be like.  That change didn’t take too long to adjust to. Today, I can’t imagine it being any other way.

When we moved from Los Angeles, the place I’d grown up and where I’d raised my children, to the Bay Area that was big change. Even though it was something I really wanted, the adjustment was difficult. It took me over two years to really feel like I lived in my new home.But I did adjust and I made new friends and feel like it is home.

It’s good for me to remember that change and the fact that I wanted the change and it was still difficult. As the time approaches for us to leave and move, I’m starting to feel scared and sad. I’m pretty sure that is normal. There is a good reason for us to make this move. It puts us very close to our older son and a mere 90 minute plane ride from our younger son and our grandchildren. That is my motivation to move and it’s a good one. I have already made connections in my new home, just as I had when I moved last time. I really love the area. It has it’s own natural beauty. Not too thrilled about the weather but I’ll adjust. 

Change is hard but each change in my life has brought me to a better place emotionally, spiritually and physically. I expect this will be the same.