Marriage equalityI keep reading stories about gay and lesbian couples who’s parentage is not being recognized in some of our states. That is, a mom who gives birth is recognized as the mother but her wife is not. I’m not familiar with the laws of all our states. I do know that where I live, the other parent who is recognized as mother or father is the one married to the one who gives birth. It doesn’t matter the genetics.

For example, if I were pregnant by a man other than my husband, my husband would still be recognized as my child’s father. What is different about a same-sex couple? It seems to me this is blatant discrimination.

There are some in this country who are bitter about marriage equality. They will and are doing everything they can to make it hard on same-sex married couples. That is not equality. They will argue that same-sex couples cannot parent effectively; that every child deserves a mother and a father.

I argue that every child deserves to be wanted and to be loved. The gender of their parents is inconsequential. What matter is the love those parents have for their child and the love they have for each other.

There are no legitimate studies that show that children raised by same-sex parents fare worse than children raised by opposite sex children. I don’t know of any studies that show this but I’d guess children raised by same-sex parents have a lot more love to give and are more open and accepting of people who are different. Just my intuitive sense of it.