lgbt child tributeThere has been a lot of press recently about the mom who broke off ties with her gay son on the day of his wedding. That broke my heart. Her son and his husband are wonderful men from all I’ve read They are loved and supported by the love of one set of parents. That helps but being rejected by one’s family is never easy.

I know hundreds and hundreds of Christian and Mormon moms who have done just the opposite and I want to pay tribute to them. It’s not that they didn’t struggle with their faith when their child first came out. Many did. What it means is that they put their love for their child first in their hearts. They didn’t give up on their faith in their Lord but many of them have given up their religion. Many of them have lost their families, their communities and their friends. They feel the pain of that loss. They grieve that loss. And they still put their child and their love first.

Some have uprooted their families to move to communities that are more open and accepting. Some have stopped going to church all together. Others have found new churches, ones that affirm God’s love for everyone, including those in the LGBTQ community. Some of these moms have divorced husbands that would not affirm their child. They have changed their lives in ways they never could have imagined and I can’t imagine.

These moms are my heroes and that is why I pay tribute to them today. They have become advocates for all LGBTQ children, often opening their hearts and even their homes to those who are not accepted in their own homes. They know the true meaning of the message of Jesus. They are amazing in ways I can’t even articulate. They are courageous is ways I’ve never had to be. You inspire me and I am grateful and honored to call you friend.