refuse serviceWith all the talk of the recent laws in Indiana and Arkansas claiming religious liberty in refusing service to someone based on religious beliefs, I’ve been thinking how this might impact my son.

My son is a grown and certainly doesn’t his mother to protect him! Just because he’s an adult doesn’t mean I’m not still his mom. And I react like a mom when someone treats my child unfairly. That is why I’ve been such an advocate for marriage equality. My two sons deserve the same rights and protections as each other and everyone else. The fact that one is gay shouldn’t matter.

I don’t claim to understand these laws and just what is allowed and what isn’t. There are plenty of articles out there dissecting that. I care about my son and the LGBT youth out there who are being discriminated against. What impact does it have when someone refuses service to a young person who’s just come out to their parents and not gotten a positive response? What about the kid who is scared to come out and reads about businesses refusing to serve someone who is LGBT? And what message does it give to all our children, gay, straight or transgender?

When we don’t stand up to what’s wrong, then aren’t we implicitly approving? What if it is your child they refuse service to? What will you do?