Gay Pride!

Gay Pride!

Pride month is almost offer and there have been pride celebrations around the country this month. There have been victories in LGBT rights since pride last year to celebrate – well won victories!

I’m very proud of my two sons and my two grandsons. I’m proud of my daughter-in-law and my son-in-law. It took me a little while to be proud of having a gay son, but not too long. I marched in my first gay pride parade a mere 5 months after he came out and it was a life changing experience.

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Showing my pride!

This year I’ve shown my pride all over my Facebook page. I marched in the Los Angeles Pride parade with my son and son-in-law along with my husband. I fly the pride flag outside my house during the entire month of June and on October 11th, National Coming Out Day. And I will be marching in the San Francisco Pride Parade this coming Sunday with PFLAG.

I’m very proud to be an ally. How do you show your pride?

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