marriage-equality-images-4817This morning I sat anxiously watching CNN and reading the SCOTUS blog to find out the results of the DOMA and Prop 8 cases.

First, the ruling on DOMA – yeah! It violates the Equal Protection Clause. For same-sex couples across the nation, they will now qualify to file joint taxes, apply for survivor benefits from social security and much more. The federal government recognizes the validity of their commitment to one another as the same as mine to my husband. My first tears of joy and I celebrate with my son over the phone.

Next, the ruling on Prop 8 – California’s ban on same-sex marriage. The court finds the plaintiff did not have standing to bring it to the court, thus sending it back to the lower court. As I understand this, it means that Judge Walker’s ruling will stand, finding Prop 8 unconstitutional and same-sex marriages can begin again in California. Again, tears of joy as I celebrate with my son. Next – a wedding date!!

David Boise said he feels that the broad ruling on DOMA opens the door for subsequent cases to be brought to the Supreme Court under the Equal Protection Clause and there could then be a ruling similar to the Loving case that finally allowed inter-racial couples the right to marry in all states. When that happens for same-sex couples, there will be more tears of joy. I can’t wait to shed them!

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