As I write this, Minnesota has just approved marriage equality and I couldn’t be happier. 12 states now stand for full equality for LGBT families.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and my son shared this very touching blog in the Huffington Post titled “How to Be a Good Son When You’re Gay” by David McFarlane. It wasn’t what I thought it would be. It was a heart wrenching (at least to me) story of a young man who no longer has a relationship with his mother because she disowned him when he came out. He talked about all the things he would have shared with her, if only he could. I can’t imagine what Mother’s or Father’s Day is like for those whose parents have disowned them solely for being who they were born to be.

And then I think about all the couples who can now marry the person they love. What will their wedding day be like if they were disowned by their families? Will there be just a touch of sadness to a day that should be the happiest in their life?

As the mother of a gay son, I think a lot about these things. Everyone deserves the unconditional love of their parents. I know there is healing from this hurt. I see it all around me.

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